RWC Foundation Testimonials

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Mary Kay Rotert and her faithful companion

“Supporting the RWC Foundation is a continuation of my general philanthropy philosophy. It is a part of the fabric of my life to give thanks for my own blessings by helping wherever I can. As a life-long nurse, I am particularly committed to furthering the nursing education of any RWC employee who requests that assistance. I was lucky enough to go all through my own nursing education on a variety of scholarships. Nurses help other nurses.”

— Mary Kay Rotert

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“By supporting the RWC Foundation, we have experienced firsthand the benefits of what the foundation has accomplished. Knowing that others can live at RWC as we do is why we continue our support.”

— Anonymous

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“I don’t what anyone to lose his or her home through no fault of their own. Individuals move into RWC with every reason to believe they have sufficient resources to sustain them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, they may be confronted with financial reverses that render this impossible. The Foundation, through the generosity of the RWC community and the community at large, provides help to these folks, thereby making it possible for them to continue their lives at RWC.”

— John Hess

Judge Hess and his wife enjoy some wine while sitting on the dock at the lake
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“When we moved to RWC, one of the advantages was knowing that this would be our permanent home and that we were settled and would never have to move again. The Foundation ensures that all residents can have this peace of mind. We never know what the future holds for our health and our finances.”

— Dan & Jean Gilmore

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A photo of Nancy and Phillip Booth

“In addition to providing scholarships to current RWC residents who need financial support, the Foundation supports programs addressing dementia and Parkinson’s disease and makes them available to the larger community. This allows us to support a multitude of important programs through one service.”

— Nancy & Phillip Booth